I have held on to this for a long time and I know it is time to share. Nothing on here is going to be perfect but know that it was built with love. These are fragments of my life deliberately pieced together for you. I Thank each and everyone of you so much for being who you are and inspiring me to live, share, learn and grow.

Featured Posts

8th Jul 18

A Model’s guide to clear skin

it is really serious business living the model life. While we...
7th Jul 18

My Beauty Tips

Although it looks like in the “face beat” department I have...
6th Jul 18

Style Star (Style Pantry)

I remember back in my University days in the states and...
6th Jul 18

Style star (Chi Ama)

If you think you have seen it all when it comes...
6th Jul 18

Style Star (Olivia Culpo)

Talk about a shift, from Miss Universe to style goddess. She...
6th Jul 18


Apart from the fact that this is an #ad, it is...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems (The end)

In the beginning there were problems In the end there will...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems ( I cant afford to feed my self)

I can’t afford to feed myself I don’t have enough money...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems (Damn these pictures)

Every word here is important Everyone here isn’t You’ve got big...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems ( A perfect House)

Alone. I walk through this house Alone. An almost Perfect house...
2nd Jul 18

From a collection of problems (You’ve Been Through A lot)

You never see your beauty unless you’re looking in someone else’s...
4th Jun 18

Crave the Rave (Crave Cubana)

  Crave cubana is a franchise with its main headquarters in...
17th May 18


ABOUT THE CEO Mr. OLAYINKA AKINBOLA popularly known as Yinks4fashion  ...
17th May 18

CUBE CAFÉ (The charm. The art. The Menu)

My best friend and I walked in at about past 3:00pm,...
11th May 18

Modelling Spectrum

There are different avenues for aspiring models to excel. This is...
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