Partnering with Brands and Fashion Houses

I currently partner with Razorsharp collections, a fashionable retail brand with clothes designed to suit women and men of all ages and sizes. The journey getting here was not an easy one. I had to figure most of the things out by myself, luckily I had my family supporting me through the whole process.  Thankfully, I’m here to help you out on this journey.

Know your fashion style

This is more about you understanding where you fit in the fashion world. Usually people can refer to you based on your fashion sense or the lack thereof. When you know what you like to wear, you’ll know where to shop for it. Take a minute to explore your options in order to find what best suits you. When you figure out your style then you’re ready to go to the second stage.

Get acquainted with the fashion houses around you

You don’t need to go across the country to find fashion houses or brands to partner with. In the beginning stages, try to stay away from brands that have franchises with major offices out of the country (America, Canada, Paris etc.). Begin with marketing the local brands around you. Support the growing market and have fun with it.

A quick visit

Before you make any decisions, visit the fashion houses and get acquainted with what they have to offer. Be friendly with those who work there.  You can either window shop or buy a thing or two. Know who the manager is because that is who you’re gonna be meeting with directly. Your impression here matters a lot because people do not forget customers who were nice and those who were mean. Be easy going and ask questions that will help you better prepare for the next stage.

Write a proposal

If you have found a fashion house that best suits you, the next step is to pen down your desires. Writing a proposal can either make or break the partnership you intend to have. You must be as articulate, and precise as possible. Make sure you go straight to the point and highlight what you want in bullet points. Make it as formal as possible. No one wants to read an epistle. Keep it short and simple

Set up a meeting date and time

Pick a day and time you know will be convenient for you. If you intend to visit all the fashion houses you have written to in one day you need to pick a time that works best for you. Make sure on that day your spirit is lifted and you are very optimistic. The right mindset goes a long way in getting you ready for the meeting ahead.

Dress, look and act the part

If you are going to have a meeting about fashion and partnership, you have to dress the part. Presentation is everything, carry yourself with grace and talk in an eloquent manner. Be professional yet easy going and approachable. Try to focus on the matter at hand and answer questions the way you receive them.

Keep a signed copy

After you have submitted the proposal make sure it is signed by the party you presented it to.  Make sure you keep a signed copy with you for future purposes. The copy should be signed and dated with the person’s name and signature. It makes it a lot easier for you to refer to it when you need to.

Follow up

Usually at the end of the discussion, contacts and mailing addresses would be exchanged. If it not offered, request for it. Do not call them unnecessarily.  Biweekly check ins are good enough so they know how interested you are. Remember they are all very busy people, don’t take it to heart if you don’t hear from them immediately. Do your own part and follow up.


All the best!



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