Partnering with brands and fashion houses part 2 (what to expect)

If you followed all the steps I gave in the previous post and it worked out for you, I am so excited. You made it through the hardest part. Now it’s time for the second stage and this is what you should expect. These steps are to prepare your mind for the next stage. I hope it helps you get started.

This is an introductory meeting where you’ll now be given an opportunity to share exactly what you have to offer with the brand. It is almost like an interview. Expect questions mostly related to the brand and how their partnership with you can move the brand forward. Let your personality shine through and lets your words speak volumes. Don’t feel timid or shy. Express yourself to the best of your ability. However, be careful not be with careless with your words, keep in mind everything you say and do is being taken note of.

This is a Memorandum of Understanding between you and the fashion house to enable a very smooth sailing. It is very detailed and straight to the point. It leaves room for negotiations between both parties. It clearly states the terms and conditions in which both parties will work under. You cannot forge ahead with a fashion house without this being agreed upon and signed.

Waiting period 
Don’t try to rush the negotiation process. Try not to be in a haste, you need to understand the process because it is going come in handy in the future when you begin to work with new brands. Sometimes, it doesn’t take that long and other times it takes longer than expected. Try to be understanding and make sure during this process you don’t get antsy and begin to act in an unprofessional manner.

A Third Party
You’ll need a third party to stand as surety for you. This is very important. In cases where you are unable to meet with the terms and conditions agreed upon for some reason. Such a person will have to represent you. Pick a person you trust, who you know can stand with you and by you regardless.

Make sure you are in constant contact with whoever is your handler through the whole process. Reply your messages on time, pick your calls and always show up for meetings and fittings. Being on time and on you’re a game at all times shows how responsible you are.


Side note: Your character and professionalism matters a lot. Treat each outfit with care and be very cautious. Some of this outfits carry high price tags and if you’re not careful you’ll end having to purchase all of them. If this continues, your partnership with them might be terminated. Know that this is a business relationship that will take you far in your professional life. Be determined to make the best out of each opportunity.

Love. Peace. Light. Ayamba



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