Remedy for a rough week

Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears, eyes and hearts! I have been M.I.A for more than a minute because life has been happening very fiercely. I have the most understanding people on my side so thank you in advance for your forgiveness.

It’s a new week people! For some reason, I am super excited. We have seven more days to get this existential theme called life right. If you are reading this post, it means you are looking for strategies to get you through another week of hustling and bustling. These few practices have been keeping my head above the water and I hope they’ll be useful to you too.

Mindfulness: This deserves a gold star right here! It is such a great therapeutic technique. Mindfulness is used to achieve a peaceful and conscious mental state. Mediation, deep breathing, relaxation and rest can get you through a lot, especially when you begin to feel overwhelmed. Mindfulness helps you to focus on the present moment. With calmness, you can acknowledge and see your feelings more clearly. It brings your body, mind and soul into a state of total oneness.

Dance it out: This right here is my go-to remedy. Sometimes when I am walking to work and that song hits the right nerve, I start dancing on the street. It makes me so happy when I get the chance to move this stiff bones to some good music. My friends always make fun of the type of music I listen to. I appear so calm on the outside but the reggae tunes be hitting different on the inside. Find time to dance this week y’all. It can be in the shower, while you’re dressing up, in your car, in your office etc. Just make sure your body is grooving. It takes your mind off work for a while and it gets your blood and energy level going!

Listen to that go to music: These days I have been so into the Beatles. Not only is their music timeless, it is also soothing. I am sure a lot of people will concur that Abbey Road was and still remains one of the greatest albums of all time. While I am on this table, I’ll throw in some Aliyah and Boys to II Men. At work, there is always some old school music playing in the background. It puts everyone in a good mood. According to research, music is the work out for the brain. It works great in reducing anxiety, blood pressure, and pain. It also improves sleep quality, mood, mental alertness, and memory.

Treat yourself: Treat yourself to something nice because you deserve it. Go ye into the world and splurge brethren, splurge!!. If you like, go and buy a mansion because I encouraged you to treat yourself. Your account balance will be staring at you aggressively. Please, treat yourself to ice cream, buy tickets to a concert you have been meaning to go to, a bottle of red wine and cheese cake etc. What ever you feel your money can be spent on, spend it. life is for the living so, decide to live it well.

Cry if you have to: For the macho people in the house, I hail thee. Team I have not cried in ten years, team my tear ducts are dry, team I have no tears left to cry, I am greeting all of you. Crying is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are responding to your body’s need to release stress in a healthy and natural way. Being vulnerable is not a punishment, it is a show of strength. I don’t about you, but I always feel lighter after a good cry. If you can not cry, you can at least scream. Don’t hold the difficult feelings in, let them out. The universe will help dispose of them the right way.

There’s always something to laugh about: Shout out to @yabaleftonline on Instagram and @theshaderoom comment section for keeping it hilarious all the time. I am not endorsing schadenfreude, I am saying always find time to laugh in the midst of the chaos.

Movie date: I do this all the time. I come home after a hard day’s work and rush on Netflix. It helps me decompress, I get to focus on something other than the pile of things I have not done yet. It is so relaxing when you are curled up with your boo thang enjoying a good movie. For those of you who do not have boos, curl up with your pillow, it is softer.

Be kind to others: Finally, do not forget that they are people like you out there trying to get by. Smile as often as you can, help someone open the door, compliment a stranger and be the one to break the ice. Tell that funny joke, make someone smile and hold someone’ s hand while they cry. Above all, send a prayer to who ever is in need. It goes a very long way.

How do you decompress fellas? Share your tips with the house.

Love and light, always.



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