Scouting for locations

Location shoots are not studio shoots, there are more interesting and have a lot of variations to it. Different places can be used for location shoots such as homes, schools, markets, parks, coffee shops etc. However,  if you don’t know how to go about this, you won’t make the most out of it. Hopefully these few steps can get you started!

Be sure about the concept
The concept will tell you more about where the location should be. Before you start running around be sure you have the right concept on lock down. Pick out the right aesthetics for the shoot i.e the hair, make up, accessories and outfits. It all comes full cycle in figuring out the proper location that best fits what you have in mind.

This usually depends on how close or how far you are willing to go to scout for locations. Sometimes the right location may be around your neighborhood and other times it is quite a distance away. You need to be sure of this and prepare to act accordingly.

Share your thoughts
If I have a concept in mind I like to share it with a few creative thinkers. Bouncing ideas off people will sometimes give you a better perspective. You might be lucky, someone might know exactly what you need in terms of location or directions to a place that you can use.

Site seeing
You actually have to leave your comfort zone. Go out and do an actual scouting. Don’t be scared to venture into establishments. All you need to do is to ask about availability and pricing. Some establishments don’t charge for shoots and others do. Your approach however matters the most. Be very nice and professional. Its best you go before the day of the shoot so you have a location on lock down. Try out parks, side walks, gardens etc. unless you already have a specific place in mind, explore as much options as possible.

Be weather/ time conscious
The weather is clearer in the day and darker at night. During rainy seasons the weather is foggy and during summer it is usually bright and hot. You have to put all of that into consideration when scouting for locations. Choose a proper time that fits best with natural light. Locations that look extremely beautiful and artistic in the day may not look the same at night. Study the environments and pen down observations for future purposes.

Be Security conscious
You have to be very conscious of the environment you are in. make sure it is a safe place for shooting. Don’t spend so much time during your shoots on locations. Safety is most important. People have gotten mugged and hurt during location shoots. Try as much as possible to go in groups and not alone. Always let someone know where you are at all times. keep your items where your eyes can easily see and have your phone on stand by.

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