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The Misuse of Instagram. Part 1

The Misuse of Instagram and its Effect on Millennials. Part 1 There has been a rise in cases of suicide, bullying, depression, self-harm, incident exposure, and anxiety on social media. This four-part series focuses on the social media Application known as Instagram to establish that the negative effects of Instagram are a result of the millennials who use the Application and not the Application itself. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Instagram was created by […]

How She Moves: Key’Aira Lockett Talks About Her Passion For Dance

It all started about 23 years ago for Key’Aira Lockett, when dance became a part of her life. Since then, she has moved her body to the rhythm of her own music and now she’s here to share her passion on the blog. When ever I come across a video on social media of Key’Aira dancing, I am in awe of how her body moves. I see the energy, the art, the creativity but most of all, I see her […]

Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. PART 3

I am back again with Mental Health Awareness and we are almost nearing the end. Hopefully it has been a very educative ride for you all. On my part, I have enjoyed writing this and getting your encouraging feedbacks. This is the third part in the series and if you have not been following us so far, please do. Part one and part two can be found here https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-1/and here https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-2/. We are going to jump right in as we […]

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