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Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. PART 4

This has been the most incredible experience yet. It has been my pleasure to discuss this very important topic with you all. This is the last part of Mental Health with Summer Rachanta. https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-1/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-2/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-3/ We have touched on a myriad of mental health disorders, signs, symptoms, and modalities of treatment. As we come to an end, please remember from all we have discussed that mental illness can cause an impairment in one’s daily life and relationships. Recovering from a […]

Explain The Lyrics with Blessing Tangban

In this day and age, it is difficult to find music with lyrics that pulls at your heart strings. Blessing Tangban makes music for the progressive mind. Her song writing is thoughtful and direct— good for the body and even better for the soul. Although physically composed, her mind is riddled with proverbs and lessons from life that she shares with the world through her work of art. In the creative league with the likes of Brymo and Asa, and […]

The love in the storm (Expressive writing)

To me, the Ocean represents so much more than just a body of water. My heart quakes with little tenderness as I  am reminded of simpler days when I stood in front of the mirror and watched heaven wet the earth. In those days I thought about myself as a person who would love with the whole of her heart and without restrictions. That type of love could conquer anything. There was just something about that love that would hold […]

The love angle ( A collection of beauty, love and lust)

The way we view beauty now always on the outside rarely on the inside It ought not to be we have been thrown into an alternate reality and no one is a winner here each minute expectations go higher, minds grow weaker * when do you finally compliment yourself? when is it okay to finally be okay with who you are? to explore the intimate secrets within and embrace the truth found in there * when do you finally accept a […]

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