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Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. PART 4

This has been the most incredible experience yet. It has been my pleasure to discuss this very important topic with you all. This is the last part of Mental Health with Summer Rachanta. https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-1/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-2/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-3/ We have touched on a myriad of mental health disorders, signs, symptoms, and modalities of treatment. As we come to an end, please remember from all we have discussed that mental illness can cause an impairment in one’s daily life and relationships. Recovering from a […]

Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. PART 3

I am back again with Mental Health Awareness and we are almost nearing the end. Hopefully it has been a very educative ride for you all. On my part, I have enjoyed writing this and getting your encouraging feedbacks. This is the third part in the series and if you have not been following us so far, please do. Part one and part two can be found here https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-1/and here https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-2/. We are going to jump right in as we […]

The Lockdown (COVID-19).

How do we feel about the lockdown? And when I say ‘we’ I mean – me, myself, and I. Bored — I feel ridiculously bored and this is coming from a home body. I go nowhere, I do nothing and yet the lockdown feels like a prison sentence. I understand the precautions we have to take to protect ourselves because the cases of COVID-19 keeps rising. It’s been spreading like an evil spirit. You know when you say your village people are after you? […]

Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. Part 1

The world is constantly telling us how to feel, where to go and who to be. For those of us who are wired differently, who do not necessarily follow the expected social norms because of health irregularities or diverse circumstances, it may be a constant battle trying to be socially acceptable when we know in our hearts and in our heads that we are different. Our minds are always racing, but our hearts are beating slower and slower by the […]

The Coronavirus.

My younger brother lives in China & schools in Shenyang aerospace university. Shenyang from Wuhan depending on how you travel is between 5 – 18 hours. Wuhan China is being ravaged by the coronavirus which has spread rapidly across China. I face timed my brother a view days ago to check on him, pray with him & let him know what to do about the virus. It is okay to be worried about it, I even received an email from […]

Healthy Reasons to Laugh

This January has been the fastest month so far. I remember in 2019, January lasted for 11 years. Can you believe it’s already the 21st of January? It sounds exciting for others because it means the month of love is upon us. For some, January has not been an easy month with work, bills, kids, school and relationships. That’s okay, life is not always benevolent and we have to learn to adjust to the parts of it that stresses us […]

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