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Explain The Lyrics with Blessing Tangban

In this day and age, it is difficult to find music with lyrics that pulls at your heart strings. Blessing Tangban makes music for the progressive mind. Her song writing is thoughtful and direct— good for the body and even better for the soul. Although physically composed, her mind is riddled with proverbs and lessons from life that she shares with the world through her work of art. In the creative league with the likes of Brymo and Asa, and […]

Never afraid (The love angle)

I will never be afraid to touch you the way you’ve wanted to be touched I’ll never be afraid to love you the way you always needed to be loved i’m aware of all the pain they caused you and how you’re holding it all inside the pain now drives you so raw you feel like you’re dying maybe I’ve been sent to come and save you and set your heart soaring again l’ll never be afraid to hold you […]


July gave into august and august into September The sky was still as smooth and as grey as concrete There in the dark with the glow of the city A woman searched the precepts of her heart As loud as a felt hammer on a timpani skin it beat Creating the only sound in the otherwise silent room She thought about love and its harshness And willed herself to finally be free from the pain of the heart That came […]

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