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Navigating Online Classes During Quarantine.

The stress of having to take an online class can not be over emphasized. I have always had a love hate relationship with it mainly because of the online discussion boards. I am currently taking three graduate online classes during this quarantine. The workload has doubled because hybrid classes can no longer meet face to face. I find myself constantly writing research papers and online discussion boards in APA format that stresses my entire existence. So, When I say I […]

A girl and her satin skirt

Oh what a thrill it is to be young and inspired. The best thing about being a young creative is that you can always source from the endless well of inspiration from those who have gone ahead of you. This particular outfit and photo shoot is so peculiar to me because it was inspired by Paola Mathé (@findingpaola on instagram) . I came across this picture of her and instantly fell in love with it. This right here is art […]

From a collection of problems (Damn these pictures)

Every word here is important Everyone here isn’t You’ve got big shoes to fill Too bad they don’t make them in your size Every picture here tells a story Not every story has meaning Sometimes I tear up when I read them Other times I get bored to death I don’t die though Because: 1. I’m scared of been buried With people I don’t know 2. the ground gets too stuffy And I am claustrophobic People travel to new cities […]

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