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I dreamt of you today.

I dreamt of you today I woke up slowly screaming your name. My cheeks wet with tears, my fingers trembling, almost too white from gripping the sheets too tight. This is the first time in years you’ve woken me up so violently. Bemused I sat up, the one who took you away said nightmares do not reside where you are. I hope you’re okay you know I can’t save you even if I tried. 4am blinked on the nightstand, forcing […]

Weekly Inspirations: Devon Franklin on Relationships, Love, And Lust With Lewis Howes.

If you follow @ayamba.theblog on Instagram, we announced yesterday that we will begin edifying your souls and feeding your spirits with Weekly Inspirations. To know about this, visit our social media page. I came across this podcast on Youtube hosted by Lewis Howes called The School of Greatness. It is a talk show distributed as a podcast. When I came across this talk show I was a bit apprehensive because first of all, it was an hour and a few […]

To be mended & whole is not a one time thing it is a constant process it is delicate & fragile. do not let anyone in — who will disrupt the process starting afresh is not always fun a lot of people don’t have the strength to begin again — protect your wholeness. -Amba i clap for you behind closed doors because a person like you deserves to be praised even when no one is looking -Amba It’s not just […]

Who is your Soul Mate?

He carelessly throws languid stares around the room. He is Brazilian I think, from where I am standing, I can hear the faint whisper of an accent. It’s seduction that has gone rogue, destroying every human in its wake. He is is funny too, the man he is talking to seems to be chuckling here and there. I want to be a part of that conversation, I want to be his conversation. He turns around for a minute and I […]

Nik Hampshire Opens Up About Aromanticism.

The first time I had the pleasure of working with Nik Hampshire, we were walking on Main Street in Nashua, New Hampshire & a man driving past yelled how much he loved his work on social media. To follow him on social media is to be inspired by how he expresses himself through his art without inhibition. You’ve probably seen the side of him that wheedles you in with his aesthetically pleasing photos & flair conversations. Now you get to […]

A Father’s Love

By Fenny Louise Taylor. I will never forget the smile on my face when I walked through those school gates and saw him for the first time. There he stood, dark and handsome, his skin graciously kissed by the sun. He walked up to me and introduced himself, “Hi, he said, “I’m Miro.” I stood still and said nothing. I knew if I spoke a word to him, my words will falter and my heart would betray me. I knew […]

Everything I touch lingers

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The love in the storm (Expressive writing)

To me, the Ocean represents so much more than just a body of water. My heart quakes with little tenderness as I  am reminded of simpler days when I stood in front of the mirror and watched heaven wet the earth. In those days I thought about myself as a person who would love with the whole of her heart and without restrictions. That type of love could conquer anything. There was just something about that love that would hold […]

The love angle ( A collection of beauty, love and lust)

The way we view beauty now always on the outside rarely on the inside It ought not to be we have been thrown into an alternate reality and no one is a winner here each minute expectations go higher, minds grow weaker * when do you finally compliment yourself? when is it okay to finally be okay with who you are? to explore the intimate secrets within and embrace the truth found in there * when do you finally accept a […]


It was never my intention to be consumed by you I wasn’t searching, I wasn’t looking yet you found me I remember when I first saw you in that retro gear you looked like you were in a hurry I wasn’t sure who you were but you looked all too familiar then you heard my name and our eyes met you spoke to me like you knew me like you wanted me like you had to have me It was never […]

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