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40 ways to add humor to your life and work with Joel Goodman.

I coined this from the book “Laffirmations.” My boss had it at work and I decided to read through it because I needed a laugh. It was so interesting I had to pick my best 40 to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy it! An optimist laughs to forget; a pessimist forgets to laugh. – Tom Nansbury. Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be. – Abraham Lincoln. Laughter loves company even more than […]

When It Never Leaves The Talking Stage.

Normal people in the world meet their potential partners, and shortly after, form long-lasting bonds. But YOU never seem to escape the dreaded ‘talking stage’ of a relationship. Indeed, the enticing promise of potential can sometimes blind us to the most important truth: we can never love those who do not want to be loved by us. It’s frustrating to feel rejected in the ‘talking stage’ by a person who gives you mixed signals. It’s alluring, even enticing, to want […]

Favorite Quotes From The Fault In Our Stars.

I have been meaning to read this literary work of art. I avoided this tear-jerker because dying sucks and when it’s mixed with love, it’s even harder to get over. But I finally did it, once and for all. I picked out the poetic parts that taught me something, anything at all. There will be no explanations, just a lot of quotes, make your meaning from them.  Before you begin, read the book here : https://books-library.online/files/books-library.online-12292230Vr3R6.pdf So, here it goes: […]

Open Diary.

1. A Little Crush. Whenever I’ve got a crush I warn my heart not to embarrass me.  I tell the silly organ to play nice and sit still. But the damn thing jumps, leaps, runs, cries, hums.  It has the audacity to spread its frivolity to my stomach;  Now I have butterflies everywhere.  I’ve tried to ignore it, but the heart wants what it wants. -Amba    2. Illusion. What if this was all a bad dream; What if we were […]

Love Language.

Um, let’s see… I am like Ariana Grande when I see someone I fancy. I see him, I like him, I want him. It is getting him that becomes a hassle. I mean, I’ll slide in his DM or Facebook messenger, or stalk him, send a smoke signal, a prayer, camp where he lives till he takes notice. But so far, ko ṣiṣẹ. If you have passed the camping stage & you’re going steady with your partner, or if you […]

All About Love

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24 Years.

24 years, been in 24 states of mind. I’m sinking but it’s all I can do to stay alive, depression comes around like an old friend once in a while. And sometimes I worry that time may be running out. No words but it’s just enough to let me say; I’m not bulletproof. 24 years, tried 24 times where it counts. Am I here for the long haul and do these simple moments really count? Still a novice even when I […]

The Spirit of May- Part 2.

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Club For The Broken Hearted

By Wendy Fidelis and Ayamba Tangban A compilation of matters of the heart. STORY 1 – The One That Got Away. The year was 2012. It was the second semester of freshman year, in a city known for its Creole cuisine and the magic of the french quarter, they lived a boy whose feathery touch on my heart left a long lasting dent that till this day still hurts. It was a rainy Thursday morning, the first day of American […]

I dreamt of you today.

I dreamt of you today I woke up slowly screaming your name. My cheeks wet with tears, my fingers trembling, almost too white from gripping the sheets too tight. This is the first time in years you’ve woken me up so violently. Bemused I sat up, the one who took you away said nightmares do not reside where you are. I hope you’re okay you know I can’t save you even if I tried. 4am blinked on the nightstand, forcing […]

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