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Journey to becoming a signed model. The final part

THE SIGNING “My name is Ayamba and I have an appointment with the agency at 12noon today” I opened by bag and pulled out my portfolio and handed it to the lady who came out to see me at the entrance of the agency. She smiled as though life was made out of straw berries and she looked like she could walk on the moon. To my left, they was a girl whose name I don’t remember now. She also […]

Journey to becoming a signed model. The 2nd part

THE MEETING Was I excited? Yes. was I nervous? Hell yes. was I hopeful? You could say that. A girl from cross River State had a dream to become a great model. She saw an opportunity to do something about it and for the first time in a long time, it looked like life was finally going to be put in perspective. I began to prepare myself, Mentally, physically and emotionally. When I got home that night after receiving that […]

In my Mother’s Shoes

Does it matter if the title is cliché? You’ll come to find out soon enough that I really put myself in my mother’s shoes sixteen years ago and it left a lasting impression on me. In 2002 at the age of seven I was diminutive for my age and my uncles teased me about it all the time. They called me Agbani Darego after the beauty queen who in 2001 was the first native African to win Miss World, she […]

Modelling Spectrum

There are different avenues for aspiring models to excel. This is to guide you through the various categories of modelling. Feel free to read through to figure out what best suits you! EDITORIAL PRINT Here a model is basically supposed to sell a story. Brands hire models to sell their products on prints without actually saying anything. Usually next to what you are advertising there will be some form of write up shedding light on that particular product. Your job […]

Modelling Expectations Vs. Reality

Welcome to the realities of being a Model. Beyond the lights and cameras there’s a whole world that people barely know about. Hopefully, this can give you an insight into the modelling world and help clear some misconceptions. • WE ACTUALLY EAT I have learnt that you do not have to be skinny to become the perfect model. There is no perfect model to begin with. Someone once said eat what you want and if any one questions you, eat […]

Becoming a Model

A lot of beautiful ladies have sent me messages asking questions about modelling. It means I am doing something right.  I would like to share that something with you all. These steps have guided me through the years and I hope they act as a guide for you too. Passion For me, Modelling has always been the ultimate. It is what l most importantly live for. Beyond all that though, I just want to  tell my story the best way […]

Modelling Advice

If there is one thing Ashley Graham has taught us in this modelling “life” is that we should learn to love the skin we are in and not try to fit into someone else’s box of how they would like us to look. If you are conversant with America’s Next Top Model, season 24 was all about embracing diverse body types, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds. Tyra Banks has also done a fantastic job is breaking barriers and creating a world […]

Mastering Poses

  Assuming a particular posture can be easy for some people and difficult for others. It was quite hard for me at the beginning and I am still trying to get the hang of it.  Please feel to leave tips below in the comment section that has helped you so far. Caring is sharing! Practice  It is imperative that before every shoot you practice your poses in order to be comfortable with it. Don’t be shy about practicing in front […]

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