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Open Diary.

1. A Little Crush. Whenever I’ve got a crush I warn my heart not to embarrass me.  I tell the silly organ to play nice and sit still. But the damn thing jumps, leaps, runs, cries, hums.  It has the audacity to spread its frivolity to my stomach;  Now I have butterflies everywhere.  I’ve tried to ignore it, but the heart wants what it wants. -Amba    2. Illusion. What if this was all a bad dream; What if we were […]

Unlocked (The love angle)

I’ll swing through these glass doors and feel new again with the scent of fresh flowers and the ghost of a past now behind me l’ll walk boldly down the hall cascaded with baby’s breath now I only think of what awaits me and a lazy happiness fills me for a door I thought was closed opened the minute you knocked you knew your heart was right from mine and when yours hummed, mine responded as old as I am, […]

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