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A walk on the wild side.

What does a landscape photographer and a blogger/fashion model have in common? Nothing ——— Or absolutely everything. Those with creative mindsets are always drawn to each other. There’s always this magnetic, artistic pull that brings them together regardless of what spectrum they are on. For me, no matter what type of art you specialize in, if the passion is there, there is always the possibility of branching into a different artistic field and excelling. It is the same system, just […]

Makeup is Science – Babenexttdoor

In the early months of 2017, Babenextdoor, a school dropout was sitting in her living room when the thought of being an Instagram makeup artist came crawling by. The idea of starting a YouTube channel and becoming a professional makeup artist seemed doable but she was camera shy & she had no money to fund such an expensive dream. She began using the makeup of her mother and sister to practice on herself. While the quality did not feel great, […]

The Photographer’s Column

As much as I love taking beautiful pictures, I also admire those holding the camera. It takes a certain type of eye to see the beauty in the mundane. I love being a muse, working with different photographers and experiencing not just their styles but their techniques. Once In a while, I go on a hunt for photographers I would absolutely love to work with. I have this bucket list filled with names of people who hold cameras and capture […]

Like Fine Wine

Recently I have become very diverse in the way i express myself creatively. Working with different photographers who also have a vision they believe in will definitely do that to you. While i want to be true to myself and my art, i also want to incorporate diverse forms of art expressions into who i am and what i represent. When I reach out to photographers, I go through their pages and see how their energy can merge with mine. […]

Ayamba takes Nashua (Part 1)

I still remember the people on the streets stealing glances at me as I posed for the camera. I remember a woman passed by and asked why we were doing this photoshoot. Mrs. Suzanna, the photographer proceeded to say such wonderful things about me, which speaks volumes of who she is. Before we met for this photoshoot, in my own fashion, I sent her a message through instagram. Mrs. Suzanna responded a few days later and requested that we meet […]

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