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Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy and Physiology years ago, but I still know that Anatomy is about the description of the body structure, while physiology focuses on the nature of how these structures work. As we grow older, the anatomy of our body begins to change. For instance, boys and girls change during puberty. Estrogen and testosterone work to accumulate fat in specific areas of the female body. A girl who had the same shape as a boy before […]


Happy Valentines/Galentines day y’all It may be Valentines day but I am celebrating the Galantines event that happened a few days ago. I have been to modeling events & fashion shows but never to a Bloggers event. Needles to say, this was my first time attending an event for bloggers/influencers and I was blown away. The fashion, the location, the bloggers, the tea, the colors was everything!! My first bloggers event hosted at Encore Boston Harbor was all that I […]

The Yellow Snow.

I have always been interested in night photography. The uniqueness of capturing an image between dusk and dawn was something I wanted to experiment with. It’s definitely harder to shoot at night because it takes longer to expose, your makeup may not match your skin perfectly, & the colors may vary depending on the setting. When I spoke to James, who happens to be my photographer about the shoot, he had not done it before. He had to learn the […]

From a collection of problems (Damn these pictures)

Every word here is important Everyone here isn’t You’ve got big shoes to fill Too bad they don’t make them in your size Every picture here tells a story Not every story has meaning Sometimes I tear up when I read them Other times I get bored to death I don’t die though Because: 1. I’m scared of been buried With people I don’t know 2. the ground gets too stuffy And I am claustrophobic People travel to new cities […]

How to get Photographers to work with you

This is a very huge aspect of modelling. Especially if you don’t have enough coins or better still you just want to collaborate.  While photographers are everywhere, getting the right one to bring your imaginations to life can be a little tricky. These few points should help you get started. Location The first thing to avoid is picking a photographer who is not in the same location as you. The location really matters. I have made this mistake a couple […]

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