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The Girl – Gender Disparity and Feminism in Nigeria. 2

Read part 1 here: https://theayamba.com/apps/the-girl-gender-disparity-and-feminism-in-nigeria-a-series/ This is why girls should be feminists in Nigeria The way we dress: People say the way you dress is the way you will be addressed. This is the case in Nigeria, especially in the workplace. A woman is expected to dress keeping in mind that her appearance must not show any signs of sexuality or she will be reprimanded. How many times has a woman’s outfit been called into question for being too snug, or […]

Quarantine Diaries

Creativity: When quarantine began, my friend and I went out to take a few pictures that was supposed to keep us afloat for a while, at least until the quarantine was over. I realized a few weeks in that I was running out of content quickly. For a long time, I did not create, I just relied on old pictures as far back as 2018. For a while the old content came in really handy until they began to suffocate […]

Navigating Online Classes During Quarantine.

The stress of having to take an online class can not be over emphasized. I have always had a love hate relationship with it mainly because of the online discussion boards. I am currently taking three graduate online classes during this quarantine. The workload has doubled because hybrid classes can no longer meet face to face. I find myself constantly writing research papers and online discussion boards in APA format that stresses my entire existence. So, When I say I […]

TAMARALAYEFA (My second chance)

My name is Tamaralayefa Vanessa Sigha and this is my testimony. Tamaralayefa means nothing to compare with God. I have always been a positive and vibrant kid; engaging in school and home activities, making sure my energy was felt. Just like every child with a dream, I had dreams and aspirations too. The one thing I never dreamt of was me fighting for my life. I am fourteen years old now but I was twelve old when I started noticing […]

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