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Have we seen enough skin?

I took the course Human Anatomy and Physiology years ago, but I still know that Anatomy is about the description of the body structure, while physiology focuses on the nature of how these structures work. As we grow older, the anatomy of our body begins to change. For instance, boys and girls change during puberty. Estrogen and testosterone work to accumulate fat in specific areas of the female body. A girl who had the same shape as a boy before […]

The Misuse of Instagram – Part 4 (The way forward)

In this study, I discovered that there are rules that govern the way any system is run. The creators of Instagram assume that before a user starts using the App, he/she should already be familiar with the rules. Compliance with the social rules of engagement should be enough to make users enjoy what Instagram has to offer equally. But Instagram influencers who sometimes exhibit flashy lifestyles debunk the claim that social media can be enjoyed equally. Equality as a descriptive […]

The Misuse of Instagram. Part 1

The Misuse of Instagram and its Effect on Millennials. Part 1 There has been a rise in cases of suicide, bullying, depression, self-harm, incident exposure, and anxiety on social media. This four-part series focuses on the social media Application known as Instagram to establish that the negative effects of Instagram are a result of the millennials who use the Application and not the Application itself. Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook. Instagram was created by […]

Mental Health Awareness with Summer Rachanta. PART 4

This has been the most incredible experience yet. It has been my pleasure to discuss this very important topic with you all. This is the last part of Mental Health with Summer Rachanta. https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-1/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-2/ https://theayamba.com/apps/mental-health-awareness-with-summer-rachanta-part-3/ We have touched on a myriad of mental health disorders, signs, symptoms, and modalities of treatment. As we come to an end, please remember from all we have discussed that mental illness can cause an impairment in one’s daily life and relationships. Recovering from a […]

You only like me on social media

I showed my best friend a screen shot of the message you sent to me a month ago. Can you believe it? it’s been a month and I still wonder why I haven’t received a smoke signal from you. I should take the hint, you are doing just fine without me. But the thing is, you like me on social media. I see you watch my stories. You like my pictures. You leave comments on my posts. You still think […]

From a collection of problems (Damn these pictures)

Every word here is important Everyone here isn’t You’ve got big shoes to fill Too bad they don’t make them in your size Every picture here tells a story Not every story has meaning Sometimes I tear up when I read them Other times I get bored to death I don’t die though Because: 1. I’m scared of been buried With people I don’t know 2. the ground gets too stuffy And I am claustrophobic People travel to new cities […]

How to get Photographers to work with you

This is a very huge aspect of modelling. Especially if you don’t have enough coins or better still you just want to collaborate.  While photographers are everywhere, getting the right one to bring your imaginations to life can be a little tricky. These few points should help you get started. Location The first thing to avoid is picking a photographer who is not in the same location as you. The location really matters. I have made this mistake a couple […]

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