The Bobby to your Whitney

Baby girl, you gotta ask yourself, Who is the Bobby to your Whitney?

If you’ve seen the documentary on Whitney Houston on Hulu, you’ll agree with me that it was one of the saddest documentaries to watch. 

Bobby Brown first met Whitney Houston in 1989 and they began their romance in 1991. They subsequently got married and Whitney gave birth to a daughter which they shared. Before Whitney Houston Met Bobby Brown she was a woman who was known to have the voice and grace of a thousand angels. She went on to do the movie the body guard. She went from being a national sensation to an international super star. 

I did not know a lot about Bobby Brown growing up. I did not even know he was a musician. I only knew he was married to the power house that was Whitney Houston. While men have fragile egos, Whitney Houston’s career was in fact doing much better than Bobby Brown’s career.

Soon after she married Bobby Brown, a lot began to change. She began to make compromises that went way beyond the norm just to please him. She began to let a lot of his attitude problems slide and most of all, she began to do drugs. All this happened because she met a man who was not good for her. she became greatly influenced by his actions and did what she had to do to please him. I’m not saying he introduced her to drugs but he did nothing to stop it. They did drugs together, smoked a lot, drank a lot and cared less about her career. 

Bobby Brown watched her light go dim and he encouraged it. She’s no longer here but he’s still alive, re-married and well. I miss her, I miss her music, I miss her energy but most of all, I hate the way her life turned out. 

So ladies, Whoever you’re with, ask yourself if they are ready to see you reach the highest point in your career and in your life and not feel overshadowed or oppressed by your success. Are they okay with supporting you through your success even if they were not doing well In their given field of expertise?

Ask yourself, Will that man hold you up when you’re down or will he watch you loose yourself? It’s not love if it isn’t done the right way. Sometimes you gotta choose yourself especially when it means protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to build. If you’re beginning to see the signs of a man incapable of composing himself in your light, make preparations to let that man go. Finally, ask yourself, is he worth it? Or is he gonna be the Bobby to your Whitney. 

I’ll always remember the light she was and nothing will ever change that. However, I’ve been made to see differently after watching her documentary. Don’t let anyone dim your light and do not dim your light because of any one 



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