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So your girl joined a dating App (yes you guessed right, it was Tinder) by the way, the stories are true, people are crazy!

Anyway, who knew swiping left and right would be so much fun? I had an amazing time on Tinder. After a week and half, I had to say bye bye to all my online boyfriends. It was not meant to be long term plan, I just wanted to meet new people and have fun outside of my comfort zone.

While on the app, I met this intriguing Guyanese called Curtis (shout to you wherever you are, you are such a light and a breath of fresh air). Curtis and I talked about art, books and our aspirations. I let him in on this book I’ve always wanted to read called “The way of the superior man” by David Deida. It was recommended by a real one, Lauren London and I just knew it was going to be deep and insightful.

Curtis surprised me by actually finding the PDF of that book and sending it to me (be still my heart, nerves and sensory organs). I thought it was the single most amazing act of kindness a stranger ever showed me. Since we have all been blessed to be a blessing, I am sharing the link here for all those who have been eager to get their hands on this master piece. I already feel so enlightened and I am not done with the book.

This is the link below

No need to thank me now but i’ll collect gratuity in cash and in kind after you are done reading. Love y’all, stay educated.



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