The Coronavirus.

My younger brother lives in China & schools in Shenyang aerospace university. Shenyang from Wuhan depending on how you travel is between 5 – 18 hours. Wuhan China is being ravaged by the coronavirus which has spread rapidly across China. I face timed my brother a view days ago to check on him, pray with him & let him know what to do about the virus. It is okay to be worried about it, I even received an email from my school yesterday telling us to be safe & restrict all travel plans especially to China because of the spread of the virus. This is not the zombie apocalypse that most people have been preparing for but it is just as deadly & you do not get to come back to life as a walking dead. The rapid spread of the coronavirus took me back to the rampage and devastation the Ebola virus brought upon sub Saharan Africa.

You should know that the Coronavirus is not Ebola but it is just as deadly. As a result of the  fatality of the virus, some United State citizens were evacuated from Wuhan back to the U.S. a few days ago. So, there is a strong possibility that the virus is now in the United States. I have read about cases in California. I have to stay up to date with the news about the virus because I have a brother in China and I live in the United States. In the wake of this scary news, I have taken it upon myself to spread the word about the virus, ways it can be contacted, how far it has gotten and what you can do to protect yourself. 

What is a virus?

Think about a cold or flu & what happens when you are around people who have shown the signs and symptoms of the flu or cold. When they sneeze or cough, the virus from those infected goes into the air and circulates. If you are around such people, you are more likely to become contagious because a cold or flu is caused by a virus. In biology we were taught that a virus is a living organism that can not replicate without a host or a cell. A host can be a plant, animal or human being. When the host is infected, the virus multiplies itself. A virus can be deadly as we have come to know and unfortunately there is no cure. However, vaccinations stops the virus from multiplying in its host. 


A coronavirus is a kind of common virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. There are different types of coronaviruses and most of them are not dangerous, think of it as a common cold. The ones that are dangerous can be deadly & should be taken seriously. Just like Ebola, the Coronavirus can be transmitted between animals & people.

It isn’t magic, the virus did not just appear from nowhere. We can trace it as far back as 2002- 2003. The World Health Organization reported about 774 deaths as a result of Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome also known as SARS. About 858 deaths were also reported as a result of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome caused by the virus in Saudi Arabia. It spread around surrounding countries, touched Africa and Europe. In 2014 & 2015 there were other causes of MERS. After 2015 the virus disappeared and no cases of it was reported until December 2019. There is a new type of coronavirus called the 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). According to the CDC, 7734 cases have been confirmed in China, 90 cases confirmed outside China but those who have died have mostly been in China.


The coronavirus is mostly a respiratory infection. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, pneumonia, respiratory symptoms, cough, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, which can eventually lead to death. It does not help that we are in the winter season where a lot of people are under the weather, coughing, sneezing, & feeling feverish. Because you have symptoms of a cold or flu does not mean you have been infected with the coronavirus. It means that you should take the symptoms more seriously & go see your primary care physician. 

Prevention is better than cure 

So, no one can travel into to Wuhan China right now because of the Virus. My brother has confirmed that his school is on lock down and his friends are living in his apartment. This may seem a bit excessive for some people but the virus is not contained and people need to stay in their houses or restrict their movements as it is within their means. For those of who like to eat steak that is medium rare/rare you should probably be careful because the virus is being transmitted from animals to humans. Avoid crowds, please wash your hands as often as possible, clean your phones because you drop them everywhere, have a mask handy for obvious reasons, use hand sanitizers that contain alcohol & be careful. Pray for those in China & those who have been infected/affected so far . There is no cure for the virus but it can be managed with fluid, pain relievers & hospitalization. There is no vaccine yet so extra care is needed when stepping out of your house.

No, the world is not coming to an end. This too shall pass. Love & light.

For more information please read & stay up to date on the following sites. Please share this article and spread the word about the coronavirus

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