The Fight Before Valentine’s Day

In part, due to some of the unrealistic demands people put on their partners to prove their love to them on a day as special as valentines, some partners think it’s cheaper to fight a day or two before valentine’s day so they can play the “I am too mad” to celebrate with you today card. Which means they get out of showing their affection through gifts. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people but when you look at the long list of expensive gifts partners are hoping to get, you begin to question the substance of your relationship. Since everyone’s pocket is different & everyone’s relationship works differently, to avoid the storm before lovers day, make sure you speak with your partner about what you expect from him or her. Relationships are about two souls coming together to understand each other. It is heavily built on partnership & mutual love & respect. Love isn’t always shown through gifts, when people go out of their way to spend time with you, that in itself is a great blessing. In a world where we are constantly fighting to be seen and noticed, they are people who see you for who you really are & love you all the same. If they show you every single day how they feel about you, valentine’s day should not be the determining factor for the ultimate expression of love. Since I am a hopeless romantic who believes in little drops of love turning into an ocean of sustenance, I am sharing with you simple ideas to show your partner how much you value their presence in your life.

Handwritten letter

The couple that reads together, stays together. Even if only one of them is in the bathtub

Technology has become the bane of our existence. While it is useful, it is also rewiring our brains to think that it has to be used for everything. Get a pen and an actual piece of paper, yes a piece of paper. Write a poem, a note, a song; something that’s just for the both of you. Detail how it feels to be around your partner. Make it sexy, make it emotional, make it romantic but most importantly, make it real. Let it be from you to your partner, the internet does not have to help with this. You know how you feel when you look at them, you see them the way others don’t. So, write from your heart and give it to them when they least expect it. Watch the way their face lights up with love for you. It is simple but very effective.

Turn your phones off

Clint Eastwood and his wife by Larry Barbier JR

Your partner or significant order should not have to fight for your attention with work or social media. If this day is important to them, make sure there are no distractions. Even if you’re just spending a night at home, let it be for just you two. You can update the world later; we really don’t want to know what is going on & how your serenading each other. Somethings should be done in private.

Ice cream, wine & strawberries

“I just want to be surrounded by so much love in my life. And not just relationships. Love for my job, my home, the stars, the sunsets, the…

You have that tongue for a reason, use it. On social media, we refer to ourselves as snacks and whole meals. We talk about how sweet, spicy & juicy we are. Now, it’s time to prove it to your partner. Get your freak on people. Get that whipped cream out of the cupboard & let your partner know exactly what’s for dinner. Enough said.

That special picture, video or memory.

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Everything does not have to be Instagram perfect. There are candid moments where you wish the memories of that day would always follow you around. Those pictures & those memories describe your partner & the adventures that you take together in a way that no one else would understand. Make a collage of your favorite pictures, memories & moments & share it with your partner.

Take a walk hand in hand

90 idées de photographie noir et blanc qui peut décorer vos murs

You probably live in a city you both love and haven’t been able to explore fully because of your busy schedules. How about you invite your significant order to take a walk with you? it might be cold outside this time of year but hold on to each other for warmth & make sure to sneak in kisses & hugs when you can. The surprise kisses says as much as the intentional kisses. It all means I care about how you make my stomach flutter even after all this time.

Make them laugh

Couples Are Taking Reddit's 30-Day Sex Challenge

This happens to be my favorite one because I love to laugh. To see others laugh because of something I said or did warms my heart. Nothings says I value your happiness more than seeing a smile on your lovers face. You know what makes them smile or laugh out loud, even if it means you tickling them. Just make them happy.

Ladies, initiate sex


Ladies, how are we feeling about this? I think if your partner is always the one trying to make you feel good, go out of your way to make him feel good about himself & about his body on valentine’s day. It’s this simple, his body is your horse sister, get on & ride him. My friend & I have had extensive conversations about ladies imitating sex & I think it can be really empowering to initiate intimacy with your partner. It shows you enjoy them as much as they enjoy you & you are in tune with your sexuality.

Go out Dancing

Imgur Post - Imgur

I love to get down low and boggy. It’s only safe to clear the path for me when the music enters my body because I start throwing hands, catch them at your own risk. Dancing is a great way to relieve the stress of a hard days work. There’s something that happens to your body when you let the music take over. It is even more special when you get to go out dancing with the one you fancy. Even if you have two left feet, put on your dancing shoes & rock your partners world.

There you have it…

There are many more simple ideas that can be done to show your partner you care without having to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, it is the little things that counts. Don’t let social media pressure you into thinking everything has to be glamorous & fancy. It puts people under undue & unnecessary pressure. Let your partners love you the way they know how. If they can’t go all the way, take their hands & lead them there. It shows as much initiative on your part. Happy valentines day in advance & I wish you all the best.

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