The girl who knew too much

Before I go into the details of this book, I would like to state that Amanda Quick is an absolute genius. Being a Bibliophile has always been second nature to me because I am constantly intrigued by worlds beyond this earth. Amanda Quick wrote this subtle yet firm story line about Anna Harris who happens to be the protagonist of the novel.  Anna was a former secretary who becomes a reporter under a new identity after she stumbles upon the body of her boss, Helen. Helen was a wealthy socialite with sticky fingers who was way too kind to her staffs but private about her personal life. Like all nightmares with a drastic story line, Helen leaves a note and a book for Anna, stating its importance. She advises Anna to run and to never trust a lover. Scared for her life, Anna runs as she is instructed with some money left by Helen, in the fancy car bought by Helen.

The scene at her boss’s mansion was gruesome, the murder vicious, the murderer vile. Looking for reinvention like everyone else, she heads to California under a new name, Irene Gleason. In the cause of hiding in plain sight, she uncovers a series of murders. Her instincts and intuition attract the owner of a fancy hotel made to welcome celebrities, Oliver ward. Oliver Ward, a former magician and a great master of deception almost died during his last performance on stage which left him with a little more than a broken pep in his step. The first murder and suspect are in hotel, the Burning cove, which means Irene and Oliver have to team up to solve the murders. They both had to learn to trust and fight beside each other until the truth was uncovered. What is that saying? Everything done in secret will one day be brought to light. If someone is guilty sometimes all you can do is wait until they slip up… because they always slip up. 

My first thoughts after reading this book was that it wasn’t the conventional self-help book people read these days. Infact, it is a fictional book with fictional characters and a lot of gruesome deaths. My world is very regimented which leaves little room for excitement. I missed the days when I had nothing to do but read books all day, every day. This for me was like a Vacation in Palm Springs.  

So, what happened to the girl who knew too much? Nothing, and absolutely everything. Irene took risks, fought for what she believed to be true and found love along the way.  She understood the unpredictability of life, knowing fully well that sometimes it takes unexpected turns. Change takes place inside but transformation takes place on the outside. When it is time to be transformed as a result of change, you don’t quit and you don’t give up. You giddy the hell up and fight your battles just like Irene did. She had great obstacles but her resilience was greater. Ask yourself, do you have a fighter inside of you?

Please if you can, go read this book. It teaches you a lot about life and its hidden secrets. It will open your mind to think and your heart to love. It will set your body right to fight and show you that if you dare to believe, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t be afraid to know, seek knowledge and seek out truths. Be the one with the answers, it is not a bad thing. Dare I say, it is a very good thing. 

What happened to the girl who knew too much? Nothing and absolutely everything.  

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