The Magazine Aesthetic.

Hey guys! first of all, let me take this time to apologize to no one and everyone about my absence from the blog. I have had a few dedicated readers check in, asking if everything was okay. To publicly answer your questions with a vague response just like the rapper T.I who on the Red Table Talk said a bunch of words laced with no meaning — I have been dealing with deep family issues. I keep saying this year has been full of surprises and we are only in the third month. The moment you get on the news, the skin you just tanned is sure to turn right back to pale because of the horrendous happenings in the world. Here is to hoping it gets better.

Enough of the mushy talk — let’s talk about the fancy stuff, shall we? 

If you follow my posts religiously on Instagram, you may have come across some pictures of me holding magazines. That is to say I am weird — I would rather pose with a magazine than pose with a purse.  Someone called me out on this once, the person said I keep using the same magazine in my photos. Hey, don’t judge the recycler — I don’t make the rules, I only follow them.

Before we go into why this is my niche, these are my previous looks I styled with a magazine for a fine finish.

I noticed in the collaged images, I have four different hair styles and I completely look different in all of them — talk about the power of a slayer. One day, I came across a picture on Pinterest of a blogger posing with a magazine and I instantly fell in love with the whole idea. When I don’t have a purse to go with an outfit, or even when I do, I add a magazine, a book, or a newspaper to the look. It adds that magic flare to whatever outfit I have on.

These are some more looks with other articles.

How do you use an article to spice up your look?

You have to be strategic in where you place the articles. The color of the article must contrast or blend nicely with the outfit you are wearing. It’s all in the wrist but you can do it too if you take your time to decide what best works with the overall look you are going for.  Sometimes, when a magazine does not make sense, a newspaper or a book can come in handy.  I stand in front of my mirror and try it out until I come up with the perfect pose. Fashion is hard work and so is coming up with aesthetically pleasing contents for your social media. The beauty is in first deciding the outfit and then deciding what aesthetics will go with it. For instance, let’s talk about this amazing bustier top that was gifted to me by a friend and this pair of high rise distressed ankle jeans.

Let’s title this outfit of the day. 

The color of the bustier called out to me. It was dark pink and it fit just right; not too tight and not too loose. My first thought was to pair it with an ankle black pants but after trying on the pants, it left me very unsettled. It made me look too serious, almost too professional. I wanted that urban street fashion feel. The jeans brought the right undertone I needed to make the look simple, yet chic. It gave the spotlight to the bustier but the distressed part of the jeans had enough recognition to pull the whole look together.

Aesthetic for a look like this.

For this type of look, the aesthetic I used contrasted nicely instead of blending into the look.  I did not want to make the outfit dull but excite it with a magazine that had sharp colors. I found it difficult to pair this outfit with a purse so the magazine I used came in super handy. My bustier was a deep pink and the color of the magazine was red and green. The magazine even had the incomparable Lupita Nyong’o on the cover which made it even more special. In the end, I loved the look. The pictures came out stunning and I know you are all impressed. As always, I live to step on necks. 

How do you know when an article is supposed to contrast or blend in?

Take for instance the yellow outfit with the big white hair accessory. I had on a plaid knit pants (yellow and black) , white button font peasant crop top, a small yellow purse and a yellow sweater draped around my shoulders. I know the outfit screams a lot of yellow. To add any kind of magazine with this look would be trying to moon walk on the moon. So, I went with a news paper which called out to the white peasant crop top and the hair clip. It was tucked nicely under my arm so that the rests of the outfit could shine. Consider this when your are planning an outfit that you want to finish with a magazine or other articles.

Enjoy these amazing pictures with the most incredible angles. Visit @theayamba on Instagram for a fancy video and do not forget to follow @ayamba.theblog. We are back and we’ll be here for a long while. 💕



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