The other woman

Was she your lover?
Is she a soft spot you carry as a new born baby?
Is she as kind as a mother? Does she remind you of your mother?
Did she make you forget your past?
Your father, was he ever there?
Your father, did he ever care?
The way your eyes carefully study her
With the fire I never see when you merely pass a glance at me
You hold me in your arms, pretend to sway like the trees in the cool spring night
I lay with you, my head placed helplessly against your shoulder as I listen to it beat for another
You never let me see
You try to let me see
You are like an open book full of pages written by your lover
To you, I’m only a debt made into a façade of a promise
With her, she’s your greatest miracle, she makes the difference between life and death
With me you’re barely living
Trying but I know you’re dying
I am just feeling up space, her space
Did she save you? How did she save you?
What did her for you? What should I have done for you?
If she makes you complete as I am incomplete
You’ll have my ring with its finger
But I need to know
I have to know



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