The Yellow Snow.

I have always been interested in night photography. The uniqueness of capturing an image between dusk and dawn was something I wanted to experiment with. It’s definitely harder to shoot at night because it takes longer to expose, your makeup may not match your skin perfectly, & the colors may vary depending on the setting. When I spoke to James, who happens to be my photographer about the shoot, he had not done it before. He had to learn the skills needed to capture pictures at night a few days before we had to shoot. The weather also became a huge factor because it began to snow the day of the shoot. I am not a fan of the cold so I wanted to postpone it, but James convinced me that the snow would be a great addition to what we already had in mind.

Since its winter & the sun sets at 4:00pm, capturing images at night can start between 4:00pm and last as long as you want it. This particular shoot started around 6:30pm and we chose the transit station in Nashua as the location for the shoot. I was inspired by Evangelie Smyrniotaki also known as @styleheroine on Instagram and Brittany Xavier who goes by the same name on Instagram. Their nighttime shoots are always so spectacularly done with the right amount of exposure. For this outfit, we chose to do it on the second floor of a parking garage because the snow was getting a bit too chilly and my nerves were beginning to be strained. James could tell that I was freezing from the inside out. We tried a green wall and realized it was way too green for the outfit I was wearing so we opted for the side of the garage, overlooking the street. That became the perfect spot for the shoot because the light hit my face so subtly and complimented my outfit nicely. When I knew I had the shots I wanted, I started running to the car because I could barely move my lips.

We tried another location downtown and the shots came out even better. I’ll say, apart from the snow that tried to hurt my feelings, the night shoot experiment was a success and I’ll definitely be doing more of it soon. FYI get out of your comfort zone and try something a bit different, if it does not turn out the way you expected, it’ll be a learning experience. If it does, you’ll have something amazing to hold on to. Light and love, always.



Brushed Plaid Cabby Hat – $12.90. Color: Green/Navy

Color block Crop Top – $17.99. Color: Gold/Navy

Satin Pointed Kitten Heels- $28.00. Color: Yellow

Segmented Oval Hoop Earrings- $4.13. Color: Gold

Plaid Ankle Pants- $14.95. Color: Hunter Green/Cream




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