The years have gone by, not easily—but slowly, painfully, and bitterly. 

Every year we lose a little bit of ourselves in a country meant to make us whole. 

We didn’t choose to be born here, yet we pay the ultimate price with our lives.  

Innocents caught up in the line of fire, ill-fated to repeat the mistakes of our forefathers. 

In a country called Nigeria, its citizens are hanging only by a thin wire.

The excellence of our lives has been reduced to dust. We have been shot, Immolated, and brutalized.

Hiding in our houses or scattered like seeds that never seem to produce fruits,

while the pledge of allegiance is left to rot somewhere in a campground.


A town, a village a palace, 

Blood soaked flag, a menace.

Thirty-six states are all governed by liars.

Red rooms in every city, the humans inside, cut up slowly with pliers.

They believe we are pliable, gullible clueless citizens, they call us.

They say nothing makes us exceptional, everything must be gotten through bribery.

The ones in power gather together in their foolery, to give us seven-step plans—all dat one na story.  

We know it’s all a conspiracy. 


How long has it been since we stayed this way?

Led astray while we joked on Twitter as if it was okay? 

We’ve lived with ghosts and paid allegiance to repugnant men wearing agbada. 

They sleep in the house of assembly and shell out fabricated words to confuse us from their encyclopedias.

Little did they know that our collective silence has been building up to one day be as loud as cymbals. 

The night sky once full of dead stars is beginning to clear.

The dry bones of our fallen brothers and sisters are rising. 

One by one, these politicians will face the judgment of the talking drum.


We’ll take no more promises, 

If you know them, tell them to sleep with both eyes open, 

Because they have now become our hostages. 

This time, we’ll burn it all to the ground, and out of the ashes, we will rise.

Out of the concrete will grow roses one for each of our brothers and sisters 

Who gave their lives fighting for a better Nigeria. 

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