As a fashion enthusiast, I am constantly looking for ways to spice up my wardrobe. My wings are a bit clipped when it comes to shopping from various brands because if a particular brand has my taste and my size, I’ll most likely make that brand my home. However, this year I decided to do things differently. Back in Nigeria, I was a regular thrift store ‘Monday market’ connoisseur. I would always go there to find incredibly beautiful pieces of clothes for quarter of the original price. A lot of you may have time bombs going off in your heads because when I say thrift shopping, I mean clothes that have already been worn by an unknown individual or as it commonly known ‘second hand’ articles. I remember my first experience in February here in New Hampshire. My friend dragged me to a thrift store, and I ended up going back on my own. It reignited that fire in me that I had when I was in Nigeria. The vintage clothes, shoes, and jewelries were to die for. My mom was skeptical about me shopping from thrift stores and I understand her worry. I had to explain to her that I also donate clothes I no longer need. Some of the clothes I give out still have tags on them. When it comes to thrift shopping, I believe what goes around, comes around in a less expensive way. Think of it as good karma.

These are some of the clothes and shoes I bought at a thrift store and their prices. 

Stripped suit jacket – $8.00. I styled this jacket with a black shirt I also bought from a thrift store in Nigeria.  The biker shorts cost about $6.00. The flat shoes are also listed below as a thrift article and it was $14.99. The first time I saw the jacket, I fell in love with it. I did not pick it up the same day I saw it because I did not budget for it. But best believe I dreamt about it the whole week and when I had some money, I rushed over to pick the jacket. It feels and looks expensive, it has very sturdy shoulders and the four pockets on the jackets takes me back in time — it reminds me of Frank Randall in the Outlander.  For those who may be wondering about my sunglasses, they are from Forever21.

Shinny Puffer Coat – $8.00. Since I bought this coat, it has not left my body. I take it everywhere and wear it with every outfit. Even outfits that do not need it. For some reason I feel like a rock star because of how the collar stands and how puffy the jacket is. I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing this jacket because I do not have anything this shiny in my wardrobe. My style is always so understated. I took a chance and I was not disappointed. I paired the coat with a $3.00 skirt from Forever21 — I mean, go affordable or go home right?

Green sweater knit dress – $6.00. This was a dress I was planning on giving away because I had a feeling it was not going to look great on me. It looked like a sweater top an elderly person would pair with jeans. When I tried it on, it was so big and unflattering. Exposing a bit of shoulder and pairing it with some orange slippers brought this dress to life! Thrift store for the win..

Long leather jacket – $8.00. My favorite leather jacket of all time. A friend of mine bought a red leather jacket from a thrift store and I loved the way it looked on her. I decided to go look for something similar. What I stumbled upon was this beauty that immediately made me look like I was in the matrix. The length was just perfect and the fit was a small, it felt like it was sitting there, waiting for me to come and find it. I paired the jacket with a sheer pink top I got from Forever21 for $9.00 and a little bag that was gifted to me for Christmas by my twin sister.

Flat shoes – $14.99 (It must have been so expensive to cost this much at a thrift store). You are probably screaming WHAT ARE THOSE? I know I said I have an understated style, I also have a love, love relationship for vintage things. These shoes are so comfortable, they go with so many outfits and they simplify looks. I had to check the price twice because up on till now my thrift shopping had been under $8.00. However, I couldn’t let this gem be bought my somebody else with the same eye for classic shoes as me. It was worth the investment in the end.

Shoes – $4.99. My twin sister made fun of me and this shoe but I promise, these are rare gems too. What I don’t like about thrift shopping is that sometimes, articles only come in one size. So, if you find a shoe you love and it’s not your size, you have to let it go. I was eyeing a cream colored shoe but it was a size and half too small. I tried to force my tiny feet into the shoes but they proved to be even tinier. On the other side of the shelf, this burgundy-ish babies sat quietly, looking unloved. Little did these bad girls know the moment I spotted them, they were loved and they were mine for the huge price of $4.99. I paired it with an all white outfit (pictures on my Instagram at @theayamba). The yellow purse added a much needed contrast and the price was $17.99 from Forever21.

What you buy is as important as how you style it. Fashion should not have to be expensive to look good on you. These pieces were gotten from salvation army and I think I would like to make it a regular endeavor. Mostly because I am an online shopper – I repeat, I am an online shopper. Walking into a store requires me standing up from my bed and leaving my house. Last year 95% of my shopping was done online because I couldn’t be bothered to go an on ground store. But between February and March, I have visited some thrift stores and some strip malls. I spent a couple of hours in there just looking for quality and affordable clothes to buy. It made me admire the finer and simpler things in life. Saving money and looking good never hurt no body.

If you have been to a thrift store or are a regular, let me know about your experience below.

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