To those we’ve lost along the way

It is has been a very emotional year for a lot of people. For me, it was a year of holding on to my family. I have very few friends and those who I have the pleasure of calling friends, I guard them jealously because anything can happen at any moment. A good friend of mine left this earth in August. There are still days when I wake up and for an instant I forget, then I realize that I am living a nightmare. In reality, it is a pain that a lot of people fight through in spades. The news around the world always embraces itself in tragedy. Amazing things happened this year for a lot of people, but pain became a tune most people were forced to familiarize themselves with. This year, loved ones, acquaintances neighbors, colleagues, even strangers were taken away from us. This in itself is a constant reminder that life is and has always been a precious gift. Why we count ourselves blessed to be alive, let us all take a moment and acknowledge those we have lost along the way.

Send a positive thought, prayer, love and word of encouragement into the universe today. You might have been fortunate to not have suffered a personal loss, but there are others who are still trying to keep their heads above the water. If you follow the news religiously like I do, you’ll come to understand the importance of having faith and believing in a power higher than you. What you do everyday and get away with, others have not been so lucky. Sometimes, people do not mean to put themselves in precarious positions, life just happens. When it does, the people left behind have to deal with the finality of it all. 

When ever you remember what or who you are not going to be walking into 2020 with, it is okay to cry or be sad about it. I have never subscribed to the idea that vulnerability should be hidden. Sometimes, we can not go through loss on our own. People do not stop existing because they are no longer on earth, they only stop living. So, it is okay to remember what it was like to be surrounded by not just the memory of them, but their physical presence as well. The impact they had on your life and the lives of others no matter how small does not fade away, it lives on in the lives of those who were touched by them. Embrace the hurt and embrace the pain. I know I do, when I feel it, I express it. I acknowledge it and become one with it. After it’s been expressed, I let it go so I don’t get trapped in the process of grief. 

Before the year runs out, you are encouraged to light a candle for the ones who are not here to light it themselves. You are also encouraged to think about them in a positive light and be happy that at one point, they were real and they were yours. What ever love you feel you may have lost, some people will go through life never having the opportunity to experience such a love in all its glory. Consider yourself lucky, consider yourself blessed, and consider yourself broken. From brokenness, we rebuild into something better than who we were before. In 2020, walk towards the path of healing because peace lives there. 

So, to those who we have lost along the way, here’s to you. Always and forever guarded and remembered in our hearts.

Peace and Love 



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