We Do Not Want The Redeployment Of SARS Officers. We Need All SARS Officers To Be Fired.

NO, we do not need the redeployment of SARS officers to other police commands, formations, and units as the authorities have done. What they are trying to do is put the fire under a blanket and expect the “gullible” youths of Nigeria not to notice that there are still flames everywhere. The emotions that erupted due to Jimoh Isiaka being shot dead in Ogbomoso and Kolade Johnson being killed because he committed the crime of going to watch a football game has in no way been ebbed by this tasteless decision. 

The Nigerian youths are banding together under the umbrella of unity and asking the government DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE? We are the youths of Nigeria who have been oppressed and harmed for far too long and we are ANGRY. We are not requesting for justice, we are demanding it! 

Seating on the hot seat after thousands have died, been kidnapped, maimed, injured, slaughtered, and stolen from is the man of the hour, President Muhammadu Buhari. Seated on his white horse, the president has made another baseless promise to dismantle the bloodthirsty Special Anti-Robbery Squad. All that talk from President Muhammadu Buhari about the disbanding of SARS as a step towards reforming the Nigerian police force is not enough. 

I say this with Vehemence, we are demanding the rejection and reprisal against the unlawful activities of SARS operatives. They all need to lose their jobs!

The protests across Nigeria and in expatriate Nigerian communities around the world has been a long time coming. I have had a gun pointed at my face at a young age for defending my mother against the atrocious Nigerian armed forces. 

  • Why should the youths have to die for the police force to feel powerful? 
  • Why should we have to cut our hair, hide our expensive phones, gadgets, and cars?
  • Why should we have to bribe the police force at every street, every checkpoint, every roadblock? 
  • Why should we continue to feed their pockets while they feed on our fears?
  • Why should we have to migrate from our country to feel safe? 

EndSARS: Nigerians in diaspora speak against police brutality

Somewhere in Nigeria, a mother is standing on her front porch waiting for her son/daughter to return home. Only to hear that they have either been brutalized or been killed by SARS. The youths are endlessly intimated, embarrassed, labeled incorrectly, dragged on the streets by cretin SARS operatives who have no basis for their barbaric acts. The government has done little to nothing to provide for its youths. in Nigeria, the youths are not the leaders of tomorrow because the old power-hungry politicians are unwilling to hand over the baton. Hence, the systematic and incessant abuse, neglect, and torture. The youths of Nigeria struggle legitimately to earn a living and the government still infringes on our rights to be productive members of our society. You do not have to be directly in the line of fire to feel the flames on your skin. Please sign a petition, join a protest, use your voice on social media, stay informed, and be your brother’s keeper. We should not wait until more of us bite the dust before we realize that their enmity has no end.

The dismantling of SARS in no way means the end of oppression. We need more. 

Here is how to stay informed. 





This is how you can help: SIGN THE PETITIONS AND SHARE IT!!



EndSARS: Buhari dissolves SARS

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Other pictures were retrieved from the internet.

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