Where To Eat And What To See In Las Vegas.

I am bringing the fun and excitement from Las Vegas to you for the second time. This time, I am sharing about food and where to go to have an amazing time in the cosmopolitan city. There’s is an unparalleled sophistication that Las Vegas has that distinguishes it from other Vacation destinations. As a wave of nostalgia washes over me, I take comfort in knowing that the memories I made will always stay with me. I hope you get to travel to Las Vegas at least once in your life to experience the great cultural diversity, flashing lights, glamour, food, events, and music. Until then, below are a few restaurants to eat and places to visit in Las Vegas.


Should you indulge in an over-the-top CrazyShake milkshake on your trip to Las Vegas? Let the smile on my face convince you to try it at least once. My sweet tooth enjoyed this as much as my belly did. We sat outside on the waterfront outdoor patio of the restaurant. We could see tourists riding in the Gondola boats in the famous Venetian canals. For those of you who shy away from surgery contents, the Black Tap also has mouth-watering burgers and bears that are just as satisfying.


Fat Choy restaurant was not going to be on my list. But what attracted me to this restaurant was their excellent customer service. Not only do they have delicious burgers, but every server we encountered at the modest restaurant was delightful. To get to the restaurant, we had to walk through Eureka Casino. I was worried that we came to the wrong location, but the security men were kind enough to show us where the restaurant was in the building.

My twin sister chose this restaurant because she was craving burgers and fries. I ordered a simple sandwich and my girls ordered the house special. The house special was the Fat Choy Burger. It was prepared with fried eggs which struck me as odd. But my girls absolutely loved it. The next time we returned, I decided to try the Fat Choy Burger. It had so much flavor that I could not help but lick my fingers. I am definitely recommending this place for its food and its amazing service.


Our hotel was a three minutes walk to Fremont Street. I’ll never be able to put into words how spectacular Fremont Street is. The Viva Vision light show was one of the major highlights of my walk down Fremont Street. There’s a 12-story slot machine known as the SlotZilla for those who like to gamble. There’s a huge statue of the friendly cowboy that lights up as you walk by. The drinks are overpriced, but they taste delicious. At every corner, there’s a live street performance going on. You can never get bored walking down Fremont street. It is the heart of downtown Las Vegas.


The original plan was to go into Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas to see the life-like statues of celebrities. By the time we got there, it was closed. We decided to explore the building further and ended up at Sephora. We were in the tower and we could see the Mirage from where we were standing. We could also see the Venetian and some of the beautiful places in the Strip. Tourists and even locals came up there to take pictures and view the Strip from a different angle.


My trip would not have been complete without visiting a casino in Las Vegas. I took pictures casually sitting at a slot machine. I was clueless as to how the machine worked and only took pictures to seem cool. I guess I have exposed myself. Whether you are as clueless in a casino as me, or you know how to play a great hand, there are great casinos in Las Vegas that promises to either make you smile or make you cry.


The Bellagio Fountain, the great statue at Caesar’s Palace, the Paris Tower, and the Volcano at the Mirage can all be found along the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip has some of the most beautiful architectures, lights, events, and hotels. Not to mention a variety of casinos, high-end restaurants (such as Hell’s Kitchen), gambling floors, and shopping malls. Also, the High Roller Observation wheel at the LINQ can not go noticed. It shows you the fantastic views of Las Vegas from new heights. The Strip is pedestrian-friendly and there are footbridges at all the main intersections. You won’t get tired of walking the Strip. And for bloggers, it is such a great place to take amazing pictures and videos.


When I think about the Venetian, I think about Italy in all its glory. The Venetian’s architectural design brings to mind classical Roman techniques with a touch of Renaissance aesthetics. There was so much to see and do around the Venetian. Apart from the frescos, lounges, casinos, and restaurants, the grand canal has boat rides made just for sightseeing. Tourists were able to float beneath the cafes and under the bridges and balconies in the Gondola rides. From where we sat at the Black Tap, we could see the Gondola rides giving tourists enchanting tours around the Venetian. Such a magical moment to have experienced.

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